About Me

Howdy! Welcome to my portfolio site. My name is Akshay and I love working on Web and Artificial Intelligence related projects. I'm a Grad student at CoC, Georgia Tech. I've been programming since 9th standard and I enjoy every aspect of it (Even the debugging part :p).
Recently, I have been learning through Udacity, adding more structure to my education on Web Technologies, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Software development in general.

I'm Mentor and Organization Admin for Python-HYDRA in Google Summer of Code 2018.
We're working on two projects, the first is a parser to generate Hydra vocabulary (which is the only thing needed to create Hydra based APIs) from OpenAPI specs. The second project we're working on is a generic client called python-hydra-agent that can connect any hydra based API and provides an easy yet fast querying experience using redis and redis-graph.py.
I'm also mentoring around 160 students across various Udacity Nanodegree programs (FullStack Nanodegree, React Nanodegree and Deep Learning Nanodegree).

Last year, I worked with Hydra Community Group under Python Software Foundation for GSoC 2017 on a project called Hydrus which is basically a set of Python based tools for easier and efficient creation of Hypermedia driven REST-APIs. Hydrus utilizes the power of Linked Data to create a powerful REST APIs to serve data. Hydrus uses the Hydra Draft standard for creation and documentation of its APIs.

I also founded a platform called Typingeek to help people learn typing more efficiently.

My Skills P.S. - These are not ordered in any way. Web Semantic Web React ES6 Django Linked Data Hydra Draft JSON-LD Linux Server Management JavaScript Jquery HTML Developer Tools React Native Critical Rendering path 60FPS Rendering CSS Google App Engine Flask Bootstrap HTML5 Canvas Cometitive Analysis Google Analytics SEO Deep Learning TensorFlow Keras Convolutional Neural Networks Recurrent Neural Networks Multi Level Perceptron Metric Performance Model Tuning Cross Validation Statistical Analysis Numpy Pandas Reinforcement Learning Dynamic Programming Policy Iteration Truncated Policy Iteration Value Iteration Monte Carlo Prediction Temporal Difference Learning Sarsa Sarsamax (Q-learning) Expected Sarsa RL in Continuous Spaces Deep Q-learing Policy Gradient methods Actor-Critic Methods Programming Languages Python JavaScript Haskell Databases PostgreSQL MySql Redis Other Skills Algorithms Data structures User Interface Design Story-telling Product Management User Research Arch Linux GIMP Inkscape Windows Linux Subsystem Vagrant Object Oriented Programming Functional Programming Unit testing Docker Bash Android UI Fundamentals Heroku Android Rooting
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