Last updated: 2019

Raven's Progressive Matrix image Swap Isolation Playing Agent
Artificial Intelligence Minimax Iterative deepening Alpha-Beta pruning

Designed an AI agent to play swap isolation using algorithms like Minimax, Iterative deepening and Alpha-Beta pruning. The Agent is able to search the state space and return a move within 1 second.

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Raven's Progressive Matrix image Tridirectional search
Artificial Intelligence Search DFS BFS UCS A* Bidirectional A* Tridirectional A*

Implemented various search algorithms to find paths between various locations exploring minimum number of nodes. Implemented algorithms like Depth First search, Breadth first search, Uniform cost search, A* Search, Bidirectional Uniform cost search, Tridirectional Uniform Cost search and Tridirectional A* search.

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Raven's Progressive Matrix image Raven's Progressive Matrix Solver
Knowledge Based AI GaTech python CS7637

Designed an Agent AI agent using Knowledge based AI techniques taught in class that can solve 2x2 and 3x3 RPM problems for all A, B, C, D, E sets with a good accuracy (better than random chance for all sets).

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Network intrusion detector image Live Network Intrusion Detector
UNSW-NB15 D3.js Flask Docker Redis Random Forest CSE6242

A group project for CSE 6242 (Data and Visual Analytics) class. The goal of the project was to create a real-time network intrusion detection classifier and corresponding visualization. Currently, a decent amount of TCP/IP and security knowledge is required to even begin entering the space. We have proposed a tool that simplifies the complexity of digging into this technical data and provides a way for anyone within an organization (technical or not) to look at our visualization and make informed decisions regarding the state of a network.

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Getfile protocol image Multithreaded Client & Server implementation C
C GaTech Multithreading Pthreads Mutexes CS6200

A multi-threaded web server and client implementation that serves static files based on a custom GETFILE protocol.

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Network intrusion detector image Distributed Filesystem using GRPC implemented in C++
GRPC C++ 14 Protobuf CS6200

A simple distributed file system (DFS) with a weakly consistent synchronization system to manage cache consistency between multiple clients and a single server. The system is able to handle both binary and text-based files.

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Google Summer of Code image Hydrus
GSoC 2017 Flask Semantic Web Hydra

Hydrus is a set of Python-based tools for easier and efficient creation of Hypermedia driven REST-APIs. Hydrus utilizes the power of Linked Data to create a powerful REST APIs to serve data. Hydrus uses the Hydra(W3C) standard for creation and documentation of it's APIs.

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Google Summer of Code image Hydra Flock Demo
GSoC 2017 Semantic Web Flask Hydra Hydrus Simulation

An application that simulates the movements of a flock of drones that have as objective to detect the presence of fires or abnormal heat spots in a given geographical area using infrared sensors to demonstrate the capabilities of Hydrus, Semantic Web and the Hydra Draft.

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Typingeek image Typingeek
Django PostgreSql JS Jinja2

A Typing webapp to make learning Typing more fun, built using Django, Javascript, Ajax and Postgresql, with features like Realtime Graphical Analysis, a Typing tutor and Practice mode where you can learn new stuff and practice typing simultaneously.

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React Native image Mobile Flashcards
React Native React Nanodegree Udacity Expo

Built a cross-platform (iOS and Android) mobile application that allows users to create and organize collections of flashcards. Leveraged React Native to manage infinite lists, routing, and user input.

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First Neural Network prediction image First Neural Network
Deep Learning Numpy Gradient Descent Backpropagation

Built a Neural Network from Scratch using Numpy and Python and used it to predict daily bike rental ridership.

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Sentiment Analysis sample image Sentiment Analysis
Deep Learning Multi Level Perceptron Tensorflow Model Tuning Deep Learning Nanodegree Udacity

Preprocessed 25000 IMDB movie reviews and implemented a MLP to categorize user reviews into Positive and Negative

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React image Readable
React Redux React Nanodegree Udacity

Built a social content and discussion web application that allows users to submit content in addition to voting and commenting. Leveraged React to build a dynamic user interface, as well as Redux to manage global application state.

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Item catalog sample image Item Catalog
Flask OAuth PostgreSQL FullStack Nanodegree Udacity

Developed a content management system using the Flask framework in Python. Authentication is provided via OAuth and all data is stored within a PostgreSQL database.

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Fullstack image Multi User Blog
Google App Engine Python HTML FullStack Nanodegree Udacity

Built a multi-user blog, hosted on Google App Engine, with comments and login functionality.

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Sunshine image Sunshine
Android Studio Udacity UD853 Open Weather Map API

Sunshine is the companion Android app for the Udacity course Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals. This app utilizes core Android user interface components and fetches movie information using Open Weather Map web API.

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Neighborhood map image Neighborhood Map
AJAX Knockout Javascript HTML CSS FullStack Nanodegree Udacity Expo

A single-page web application, built using the Knockout framework, that displays a Google Map of an area and various points of interest. Users can search all included landmarks and, when selected, additional information about a landmark is presented from the FourSquare and Wikipedia APIs.

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Popular movies image Popular movies API Android UI Fundamentals - Tablet Intents Android Nanodegree Udacity

Built an app, optimized for tablets, to help users discover popular and highly rated movies on the web. It displays a scrolling grid of movie trailers, launches a details screen whenever a particular movie is selected, allows users to save favorites, play trailers, and read user reviews. This app utilizes core Android user interface components and fetches movie information using web API.

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Boston Housing image Predicting Boston Housing Prices
Bias/Underfitting Variance/Overfitting Cross Validation Machine Learning Nanodegree Udacity Model Tuning

Built a model to predict the value of a given house in the Boston real estate market using various statistical analysis tools. Identified the best price that a client can sell their house utilizing machine learning.

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Blackjack action-value image Monte Carlo Blackjack
Reinforcement Learning Udacity Monte Carlo OpenAI

Implemented multiple Monte Carlo algorithms for reinforcement learning and used them to generate action values for OpenAI Blackjack environment.

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Frozenlake state value function image Dynamic Programming Frozenlake
Reinforcement Learning Dynamic Programming Policy Iteration Truncated Policy Iteration Value Itearation OpenAI

Implemented multiple classic dynamic programming algorithms (Policy Iteration, Truncated Policy Iteration, Value Iteration) for OpenAI Frozenlake environment.

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Myreads image My Reads
React Books API

Designed a bookshelf app using React.js that allows you to search new books and categorize books you've read, are currently reading, or want to read.

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Typingeek image Pitch Deck
Product Management Story Telling cross-functional Communication

Created a pitch deck for Typingeek that outlines my research and solution for the market. The deck funnels 7 months of research into a concise and insightful story, allowing anyone to quickly understand high level insights from the business plan.

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